Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's Challenge Time Again

It is time once again for the Monthly Challenge in my Etsy polymer clay team. The members who chose to enter were asked to create entries using only 3 colors - blue, yellow and green. They also had the option of deleting one of these colors and adding one, but only one, of the following: White, black, silver or gold.

The only other rule is that each entry must be at least 50% polymer clay. We have 10 extremely creative selections for you this month! Mine is the Brazilian ornament.

I made this ornament for my Mother who is from Rio de Janiero. She and my Father met while he was stationed at the American Embassy in 1956. She says it was love at first sight seeing the handsome Marine in his dress blues. She is my total hero. I cannot imagine marrying and moving to a country half the world away. The colors in the challenge were perfect for making my tribute to my fantastic Mother.
I used my Makin's extruder and loaded it with blue metallic and yellow clay. The ropes that came out were a perfect blend of the two colors. A lot came out solid blue, some yellow and some a great shade of green. I then applied the ropes to a glass ornament in a spiral pattern. Lastly I applied slices of a Brazilian flag cane I already had made.

To vote for your favorite go to The voting will be open until midnight eastern on January 7th, 2011. Five lucky voters will win one of these fantastic prizes donated by my fellow members.