Sunday, February 21, 2010

Possible prizes for my guild's monthly challenge

Every month my guild, the PCAGOE, has a contest for it's members. They set a predetermined theme that each entrant has to make a creation that fits the theme of the month. The public is invited to vote on their favorite entry. Each month a pool of 16 prizes is available for 5 lucky voters to win. This is the prize pool for this month

First row: a pair of earrings by StudioSchiek, a pen by me, PolymerClayCreations, a covered tin by ClayCenter and a necklace by KDollDesigns

Second row: a pendant by NKDesigns, a brooch by RenGalSA, a pendant and bead set by AshPaints and a pendant by BeeTreebyME

Third row: a pair of earrings by 11BoldStreet, a polymer clay painting by AlisonEKurek, a pendant by RiverValleyDesign and a necklace by LaurelSteven

Fourth row: a pair of earrings by Juliespace, a pair of earrings by JanGeisen, a bead set by ClayHappy and a pendant by SCDiva

The theme for this month's challenge is "Texture". I had so many ideas running through my head. It was hard for me to pin down any one. I finally desided on this:

It is a mirror that I first covered with a layer of polymer clay. I then made each individual tile. There are 4 tiles with molded roses. They were painted with a metallic paints and then baked again with some purple micro beads added to highlight the roses. The other tiles have either a floral or butterfly theme done in a mica shift, or ghost technique. I then added the tiles to the mirror frame with some marble clay "grout". Lastly I added some flower stems, also finished with some micro beads. There is plenty of "texture" going on here, from the smooth ceramic feel of the mica shift tiles, to the bumpiness of the micro beads. I titled it "Picture Yourself in Spring" because I am so ready for spring. Ready for warm sunshine and flowers blooming. It can be used either as a mirror or picture frame.

The voting for the challenges are from the 1st of every month through the 7th. The winners are announced on our guild website on the 8th.


  1. Hi Angela, So nice to find your new blog! I'm such a fan of your Spring mirror I thought I'd transfer my comments from your Flickr site over to your new blog. These lovely pastel tiles and the resulting mirror are the perfect antidote to the winter blahs. The delicate colors are so appealing, the impressed images fit in so well with and the little flowers with the holeless tiny beads are the perfect focal points to bring it all together. Looking forward to seeing more of your lovely work in the future.

  2. And I'll say it here again, I truly appreciate the wonderful comment. Thank you.