Sunday, March 14, 2010

Did you Spring Forward?

Spring is almost here and I am so ready!! Even though we here in the great Northwest haven't really had too harsh of a winter, I still am looking forward to some warmer weather. I could live in the tropics so easy. Definately a warm climate person here. Must be in my blood. My Mother is from Rio de Janiero, and I have lived there a couple times, so I think it could be I'm warm blooded deep inside.
This photo is of a covered CD made into a suncatcher. I titled it Sunshine and Rainbows. Two of my favorite things :) It is my most popular picture posted on my flickr photostream. It has had 2880 views and is marked as a favorite by 60 people.
I have been told my art is so colorful and bright it just makes you happy to look at it. I hope it so. It makes me happy to create it.

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