Thursday, March 4, 2010

PCAGOE March Monthly Challenge

March PCAGOE Challenge - TEXTURE!

The theme for our March challenge is "Texture." Each member who entered this month was challenged to create a textured entry. This is always a popular theme among our members, and this month, we are pleased to present 31 fantastic entries from which to choose your top 3 favorites!

The only rules are that the entry must be at least 50% polymer clay and must interpret or depict the theme in some way.

Please vote for your top three favorites in the pull-down voting box shown at the bottom of this page. Depending on the speed of your internet connection, it may take a few moments to appear. Only one vote per person, please. One (1) vote consists of choosing a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place entry. If you choose an entry for 1st place, please do not also vote for it as your 2nd and/or 3rd place choice. Duplicate votes will not be counted.

Voting is open to the public and to PCAGOE guild members. Voting begins March 1, 2010 and ends at midnight, Eastern U.S. time on March 7, 2010.
March Challenge Entries: Please click on the entry title under the mosaic to see more views of that entry.

1. Cactus Flower Pendant by BeeTreebyME

2. Snake Skin Mica-Shift Bark Choker by 11BoldStreet

3. Leaf Topped Pendant by Stonebrash

4. Faux Handmade Paper Commemorative Wedding Invitation by SCDiva

5. Sea Grass Brooch by CrazyDay

6. Victorian Lace Switchplate Cover by ClayCenter

7. Faux Granite and Lapis Trintity Necklace by MichelesArtJewelry

8. Violet Textured Star by PhoenixRose

9. Salmon Floral Barrette by JKollmann

10. It's Alive! by RiverValleyDesign

11. Leafy Textured Bangle by HiGirls

12. Pucker Up! by Cloud9ClayCreations

13. Give That Doll a Pizza by Polyclarific

14.TH Influence Necklace by BLeeKreations

15.Picture Yourself In Spring by PolymerClayCreations

16.Lotus on a Gentle Pond Pendant by YoungCreative

17.Fun With Fantasy Flowers by ArrowDaleArtStudio

18.Big Focal Bead Pendant by Juliespace

19.N10-07 Necklace by JanGeisen

20.Can-Can Lace Ruffle Garter Bangle by BlessedBeadJewelry

21.Lost City Amulet Necklace by RozPetalzStudio

22.Bronze Age Pendant-Boadicea's Trove by RMKDesign

23.Paradise Ring by PipsJewellery

24.Faux Raku Picture Frame by Ashpaints

25.An Antique Textured Bangle from Anatolia by ArzuMusa

26.Rainbow Seashells by YonatDascalu

27.Forest Fairy Autumn Choker by TheSageArts

28.Steampunked Heart by DreamLeaping

29.Wooden Flower Pendant by WiredOrchid

30.Springtime Picnic Necklace by LauraBeeStudios

31.Textured Vase by CreativeArtCenter

Remember 5 lucky public voters chosen at random will win a lovely gift.

Many of the entries are also available for sale in our members' etsy shops, so please check them out to see these and more one-of-a-kind works of polymer clay art.

You may sign up for our monthly e-newsletter when you vote. We would love to be able to tell you about our upcoming challenges and our special promotions and charitable projects.

Our members love to read your comments. Please take a moment to give us your thoughts on the entries or the challenge when you cast your vote.

Thank you for voting, and please join us next month, when our theme will be "Inspired by Fabric", which promises to be VERY challenging!

Upcoming themes for 2010:

History/Historical Events (May)
Think Outside the Box (June)
Faux (July)

Please cast your vote for your favorite HERE.

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