Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What I've been working on lately.....

I was kind of missing working with my floral canes lately. A few days ago I worked on some millefiori all day. I made the beads for this bracelet, plus some hollow lentils and some buttons. After I got that out of my system, I went back to playing with the mica powders and alcohol inks. This heart is some black clay with gold leaf on it. Then I put one drop at a time of a whole bunch of different colored inks. Letting the ink dry between each color. Lastly I added a very thin layer of premo transparent over the top to seal the colors in.

This pendant started out with pearl clay and then gold leaf. Next I stamped it with a design to kind of crackle the leaf and leave some impressions. Next I brushed some red and copper mica powders on. Then I added some watermelon and salmon colored alcohol ink. After the ink dried I smoothed it out and then added a layer of transparent. Lastly I stamped it with an Asian stamp with the character for "peace".After baking, sanding and buffing, I painted it with black and gold paint to highlight the symbol.This bracelet was made for my sister for her Birthday. It is the scraps left over from the tutorial I worked on a couple weeks ago. I just took the leftovers and marbled them together then made a veneer to cover one of my premaid Ultra-light clay bracelet blanks. It looks really cool in person, the transparent and pearls clays really add a lot of depth. Hopefully she liked it.


  1. The colors on that heart are superb, and I love the pendant with the "Peace" symbol. Just lovely!

  2. They all look great, I do love those multicoloured florals but I think that heart is my favourite it looks like it has such depth. It must of been a thin layer of transparent!

  3. Thank you both so much! Funny that the easiest one is your favorite :)

  4. Me encantan tus trabajos maravillosos!!!!